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Roachtown was created by actor/producer Ryan de Quintal in 2011 with the goal of producing ambitious feature lenght films for the global market. Ryan teamed up with Swedish writer/director Christoffer Aldell in 2009. The two has since worked together to develop all of Roachtown's film projects (cockroaches, Methanol Memoir, Mirror Syndrome). Between the two of them, there is nothing from development through post-production that isn't covered. Collaborators such as Sandra Aldell, Chris Corpus, Kevin Quezambra, Mikael Aldell, Tristyn Heldt, and Benjamin Morris have all become a vital part of the company and helped bring it to the next level. In the years to come, Roachtown is looking to grow and establish itself as a respected production company on a global scale.


Roachtown, LLC is also working with a vast amount of freelance filmmakers in the Los Angeles area.



Ryan de Quintal



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Christoffer Aldell



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